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June 27th, 2016 – As a long time provider of support to youths in crisis, Ottawa’s Terrace Youth Wellness CEO Terri Storey is choosing 100 young people to join an exclusive advisory team for her innovative mental wellness phone app “snapclarity”. The trial program will be running for three months with Aboriginal youths in Cross Lake, Manitoba, who need mental health support, as well as to her childhood home of Woodstock, Ontario, which was also recently traumatized by a number of youth suicides.

Today marks the beginning of a crowdfunding campaign to make that happen.

Storey is also in discussions with a national telecommunications company to help provide the phones and data packages. Terrace Youth Wellness will supply the free counselling.

While Terri and her team are soon rolling out the innovative tool to people of all ages, Terri felt it important to provide it first to youths needing mental health support who can provide valuable feedback. It will start when school resumes in September. Their input on the APP will be pivotal to its further development and ensure it fits the needs of people of all ages.

With twenty years experience working with youths, Terri was deeply moved by the Canadian crisis and has chosen to donate the service to 50 of the youths in Cross Lake and 50 from Woodstock.

While Snapclarity will not be a suicide hotline, it can prevent problems from escalating by being the first place young people can go before their problems become overwhelming.

The “snapclarity” APP is being developed by Ictinus. It is the Ottawa-based digital design company that developed Punchtime app. Punchtime won an award before it had even been launched and has received extensive media coverage, both locally and nationally.

Terrace Youth Wellness Centre — a bricks and mortar facility in Ottawa helps more than 1,000 families and has been open for less than two years. It was created after Terri was inspired by the loss of her young friend Daron Richardson. It came 20 years after Terri first started working with high risk young people in her residential care homes.

The partnership between Terrace and Ictinus means the app will be solidly built and staffed by people who know what they are doing in the mental health field.

Terrace, Ictinus and Punchtime are all Ottawa companies.

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