For immediate release December 30th, 2015

Group of prominent Ottawa women sporting hard hats to build a school in Nicaragua with funds raised by the capital’s “Amazing People” program

Ottawa, ON – group of women in Ottawa known for their corporate and philanthropic work – and not necessarily their construction skills – will join forces February 11th to 18th for the “Amazing Build” near Leon, Nicaragua with funds raised through the Capital’s Amazing People fundraising program.

The Amazing People movement has raised more than $200,000 to date through its various charitable events, including the Amazing People Gala where the people honoured on CTV News are celebrated at a red carpet event. There have been three galas to date recognizing nearly 100 Ottawa-area residents doing extraordinary things.

The “Amazing Build” will be the fifth school built in Nicaragua funded by Amazing People. In all, 72 classrooms have been built by Almonte-based SchoolBOX. Amazing People also reconstructed the “Amazing Community Centre” in Asembo Bay, Kenya for widows and orphans for its other main charity, HERA Mission.

Aside from constructing schools, Amazing People offers scholarships to Ottawa young people to earn a trip to help make a difference in villages in Nicaragua and in Asembo Bay, Kenya, which was featured on CTV’s W5.

The “Amazing Build” school will actually be completed by two teams from Ottawa. The second team, arriving in March after the “Amazing Team”, will be the “Accora Youth Team” sponsored by Accora Village, with the generous support of Dan Greenberg and Barbara Crook, and fueled by youths from the West Ottawa community.


Kimothy Walker, Managing Partner Ottawa Media Group, Amazing People Co-Founder/Chair, former CTV Anchor, repeat builder in Nicaragua and Kenya

Peggy Taillon, VP Philanthropy, Elisabeth Bruyere Hospital Foundation, Founder HERA Mission, Amazing People Board of Directors

Joan Weinman, CEO The Melbourne Group, national advocate for electing women in Canada, Amazing People supporter, Ottawa Media Group Associate, repeat builder in Nicaragua

Sue Jones, Acting Deputy City Manager, City Operations, Ottawa

Diane Deans, Ottawa Councillor

Terri Storey, CEO Terrace Youth Wellness Centre

Ann Rickenbacker, Director of Catering Sales, Westin Hotel. Ann donated the proceeds from her 50th birthday party to this build.

Tammy Laverty, Founder, Laverty Designs Inc, home of the “Sports Jersey Dress”, Sales Rep, Royal Lepage Team Realty, National Anthem Singer (NHL, MLB, CFL)

Dr. Lindsay Clement, Ottawa Chiropractor, Spine Alive Partner Ottawa Chiropractor (Gloucester Centre Chiropractic), FC Capital United Board of Directors which donated to our cause. http://schoolbox.ca/soccer/

Taylore Bryce, Public relations/event specialist, Carleton University graduate, Terri Storey’s daughter

Kyra Lambert, St. Francis Xavier University student in the School of Business, and Kimothy Walker’s daughter, repeat builder in Nicaragua and Kenya

Devlin Taillon, the only male, a skilled Grade 4 basketball player and subject of a W5 documentary showcasing the “Amazing Community Centre” in Asembo Bay, Kenya

About Amazing People:
The Amazing People TV Series was started almost six years ago by Kimothy Walker and CTV. Five years ago Eric Collard and Kimothy started the Amazing People Gala. Amazing People now hosts multiple fundraising events and has its own Amazing Wine, with proceeds going to Amazing People charities. Its board comprises some of Ottawa’s most philanthropic professionals.

About SchoolBOX:
SchoolBOX is a non-profit that provides simple, cost-effective programs to help children achieve basic education in Nicaragua. A lack of school supplies is one of the main reasons that over 50% of children in Nicaragua drop out of primary school. SchoolBOX also provides school supplies through their Supplies 4 Success Program, basic infrastructure such as classrooms, washrooms and playing fields through their Tools 4 Schools Program. They encourage school attendance through sport and recreation with their Soccer Dreams Program, and provide books and much needed learning materials through their Books 4 Kids Program. www.schoolbox.ca

About Hera Mission:
Since 2007, Hera Mission has been working with an inspiring group of women in Western Kenya who have committed their lives to fighting the devastating impact of HIV, AIDs, Malaria, TB and poverty that has wiped out an entire generation leaving hundreds of orphans and widows. The village, Asembo Bay, was the focus of a CTV W5 special report in 2013 when Amazing People re-built their community centre. That documentary was inspired by the story of Ottawa’s Peggy Taillon. She took on the Kenyan government and won the right to adopt her son Devlin, who was born there, and is helping with the 2016 school build in Nicaragua. www.heramission.org

About Amazing Wine:
Fundraising continues year-round with our newest initiative – Amazing Wine. Made by Chateau des Charmes Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake especially for Amazing People, the Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc wines are enjoyed by all. For every bottle of the white and red wines purchased, Château des Charmes donates $1 to the Amazing People charities. The wine is $14.95 and can be purchased online www.amazingwine.ca or at the Chateau des Charmes retail store located at 407 Laurier Ave in downtown Ottawa.

Supporting SchoolBOX and HERA Mission







For more information contact Kimothy Walker or Eric Collard at Ottawa Media Group 613-859-3753

(That phone will work in Nicaragua during the build at some points during the day…maybe….otherwise Eric can be reached at 613-878-0180 as he is doing the second build in March)