Michelle Valberg

MichelleValbergBioBWAbout Michelle Valberg

Michelle Valberg was born to be a photographer. With an insatiable quest for adventure, meticulous attention to detail, and an unrivalled eye for the unique, Valberg has become a globally recognized and celebrated wildlife, landscape and portraiture photographer.

In addition to a successful businesswoman and one of Canada’s premier portraiture photographers, Valberg has received international accolades for her photographs of Canada’s Arctic, including its people and hauntingly beautiful landscapes. These works have been showcased in various exhibits and features across North America, including New York, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Her photographs are regularly featured in publications across North America and Europe such as National Geographic, The London Tribune, More Magazine, Canadian Geographic and In Style.

In 2011, Valberg’s work was the subject of a critically acclaimed 3-month solo exhibition at the esteemed Canadian Museum of Nature. Currently, Valberg has her largest permanent exhibition at The Ottawa Hospital, which includes over 70 of her photographs.

Valberg continues to expand upon her impressive repertoire through the growth of her business, and various travel expeditions both in North America and worldwide.


LindseyGibeauBWAbout Lindsey Gibeau

Lindsey Gibeau has long been fascinated by a camera’s ability to capture a single moment in time, and immortalize it forever. With a camera almost always in hand, Gibeau is carving out a solid reputation as one of Ottawa’s leading fashion and event photographers.

“I love fashion photography because it’s fast paced, and allows you to draw in various elements from the set and atmosphere,” said Gibeau.

Constantly evolving her style and approach to remain on top of latest trends, Gibeau hopes to help grow the Ottawa fashion scene and promote local design talent in the city. “Ottawa has so much talent, and so much going on that it truly is remarkable,” said Gibeau. “From Ottawa Fashion Week, to the amazing roster of events that happen here in the nation’s capital each and every night, we have our finger on the city’s pulse.”

While Gibeau loves seeing people truly enjoy the experience of having their photo taken, her favourite part of the job is sharing in their joy when they see the final product.

“A lot of people traditionally don’t like having their photo taken, or even seeing the final product,” said Gibeau. “We change that. When they work with us, we have a way of making people at ease, and capturing what makes them unique and beautiful. Sharing that moment when people see the final product is the best part of my job.”