Sean Mallen

For more than 30 years Sean was an award-winning reporter, covering major stories across Canada and around the world.

For Global News he was the London-based Europe Bureau Chief, Queen’s Park Correspondent and Host-Producer of the influential Focus Ontario program—a must-view show at both the Ontario Legislature and on Parliament Hill.

He is a four-time winner of the Radio-Television News Directors Award for excellence in broadcast news and was awarded a Bronze Medal at the New York Festivals in an international competition for Best Correspondent.

He covered multiple election campaigns: provincial, federal and international, has been a witness to history-making events such as the Papal Conclave, the Royal Wedding and the Arab Spring, been on the front lines of crisis, from political scandals to disasters such as the wreck of the Costa Concordia, the Swissair Crash off Nova Scotia and the Walkerton water tragedy.

He is now a communications consultant, bringing his decades of experience and deep knowledge of the news media to offer high level advice to government, industry, educational institutions and non profit organizations.

An acclaimed writer, he guides clients in crafting eloquent messages to drive strategic communications plans–bringing a reporter’s eye to earned media strategies.

He brings unparalleled real world expertise to media training, having interviewed Prime Ministers and Premiers, Chiefs of Police and notorious murderers, CEOs and shantytown dwellers.

Drawing upon a long career writing scripts for both national broadcasts and his own presentations, he produces speeches that are entertaining and enlightening, informative and accessible.

With deep insights in the news media, he is a calm and knowledgeable hand in the face of communications crises.

Sean is also an occasional panelist on Newstalk 1010 and enjoys a sideline of writing travel stories for major Canadian and British dailies.