For immediate release Monday, December 18, 2018

Christmas comes early for OMG,
adds fundraiser Sam Laprade


Ottawa, ON – Ottawa Media Group (OMG), a leading communications and marketing firm in Ottawa, is excited to announce the addition of fundraising and partnership superstar Sam Laprade to the growing team.With OMG coming up on four years of operations, Sam joins at a great time. For more than 26 years, Sam has been a big part of the community, raising funds for local pillars such as the Ottawa Mission Foundation and the Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

“We love what Sam brings to the team in terms of skills and energy,” says OMG managing partner Eric Collard. “With Sam, we’re looking forward to doing more work with local charities, not-for-profit leaders and innovative leaders.”

Sam’s extensive experience, for close to three decades, with fundraising, media and municipal politics has created an impressive network of community and business leaders. Sam even started her career in media with the local CBC TV affiliate producing telethons.

“It seemed a natural fit to join OMG, with complementary skills set and a similar vision,” says Sam, a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). “Not only am I impressed with the credentials of the team, I’m impressed with the character of the team.”

Sam is owner of The Fundraising Strategist and Marketing Director at Gryphon Fundraising, where she focusses on donor database analytics, stewardship and non-profit training with fundraising professionals worldwide. She’s been busy presenting at conferences and even spoke at a recent #YOWInsights event. Sam also joins Rick Gibbons on 1310 News weekly to discuss philanthropy in Ottawa.

“We love Sam’s commitment to the local community,” added OMG’s other Managing Partner Kimothy Walker. “We also love the fact she totally fits the OMG philosophy of meaning business but also having fun along the way.”

For more information, check out OMG’s site at ottawamediagroup.com.

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