Shawn Peters

Shawn PetersShawn Peters is a photographer specializing in event photography and corporate portraits. He has held a camera in his hands for the better part of 30 years and is more passionate about his craft than ever before.

Every event has a setting and a story created by the people who are present. Shawn expertly captures these elements with an aesthetic and quality that make everyone take notice and make events stand out. His extensive experience in action photography allows him to instinctively recognize and freeze special moments that only a talented professional can.

Capturing the right expression that defines these moments is what drives him and his technique. This drive spills over into his corporate portrait sessions during which he strives to capture the essence of a person to be proudly and confidently shown to the world. His relaxed and friendly demeanor is key to capturing people with authenticity. He is only satisfied when you can look at your photo and claim “Now that looks like ME!”

Shawn keeps up on all of the latest photography trends, techniques, and technologies. He understands the need for expediency as it applies to posting on social media and has the gear and techniques to adapt to modern demands.