Robert Patterson

Robert Patterson is an Ottawa based camera man, video editor and still photographer whose career has spanned 20 years in news, production and still photography.

Over this career Robert has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest news and production companies in the world including CTV, ABC World News, CBS Evening News, BBC and Discovery Channel to name a few. Along the way Robert has been fortunate to experience working with an incredible variety of people from the homeless and powerless, to Prime Ministers, Heads of State and humanitarians like Jane Goodall and the Dalai Lama.

When not working in news, Robert can be found on set as a director of photography in independent film and on various still photography projects. While still using many of the same skills honed in news, these projects allow for a different type of creativity and environments that are equally challenging and enjoyable.

Cameras aside, Robert is an avid lover of music, both listening and playing and can often be found on several of Ottawa’s stages performing with many of Ottawa’s other fantastic artists.