Media training for the 21st century

Together, Eric Collard and Kimothy Walker bring close to 40 years of experience on both sides of the camera and are experienced teachers to get you to learn the tricks of the trade. They have taught media techniques to hundreds including CEO’s, elected officials and scientists.

They offer group and private sessions in both official languages, ranging from 60 minutes to two days in length. These sessions shed light on what happens behind the scenes in a newsroom and provide confidence for future media interviews.

In addition, they have access to professional camera operators to make the experience as real and practical as possible. They will also explain principles that can be applied to help your organization get media coverage and maintain its reputation in this ever-changing world.

Some of the topics covered in depth include:

• The importance of key messages
• What media is now looking for in story ideas
• Proactive versus reactive media management
• Planning for emergencies

Due to increased demand, OMG is now providing workshops in Halifax, Montreal, Kingston and the Greater Toronto Area in addition to the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

*On parles français!


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